Strategy & Messaging

Brand Slogan

“La Sierra University: Change your world”

Brand Positioning Statement

This statement describes what makes La Sierra University unique and what differentiates us from other universities. It must be believable to the audience and sustainable over time. The positioning statement is not used externally. It serves as the foundational guide for all messaging. La Sierra University equips students to change their world.

La Sierra is open:

  • With open minds we push the frontiers of knowledge.
  • With open arms we are committed to inclusion.
  • With open hearts we respond to God’s call in our lives.

La Sierra people are engaged:

  • We invest in every student's success.
  • We engage our students in service.
  • We activate futures as supportive and caring mentors.

A La Sierra education is transformative:

  • It is spiritually real and positively Adventist.
  • It adds exceptional value.
  • It provides life-changing opportunities.

Brand Attributes

These are key words describing basic values and characteristics of La Sierra University.


  • Curious, inquisitive, exploring
  • Seeking truth, expanding knowledge
  • Diverse, accepting, inclusive
  • Warm, friendly, sunny


  • Caring, supportive, encouraging
  • Mentoring, modeling, partnering
  • Involved, active, serving


  • Powerful, vision-building, path-finding academics
  • Connections, friendships, opportunities to stretch
  • Life-changing, spiritually inviting, positively Adventist environment

Brand Narrative

This is never used verbatim in public or in writing. It is meant to be adapted in each person’s own words as a short, narrative description of the essence of La Sierra University. At La Sierra, you’ll find the power to change your world. For good. Join us in Southern California, where our international economy, diverse population, rich history, and sunny weather are a magnet for opportunity-seekers. On our tree-filled suburban campus in Riverside, you’ll find well-equipped classrooms and labs, great food, an inviting library, and lots of outdoor places to study and visit with friends. There’s plenty to do nearby. And since we’re just an hour from the beach, the mountains, and the vibrant city of Los Angeles, we’re close to the action for recreation as well as world-class cultural and career connections. We invest in our students’ academic and personal success, whatever their background and whatever their dreams. La Sierra students can design their own futures with caring faculty and staff mentors, because our mission and our small class sizes make personal attention possible.  Above all, as an Adventist Christian university, we create opportunities for each member of the community to discover that a life devoted to God and shared in service to others is ultimately the most fulfilling.

Voice and Tone

When writing, voice is a distinct personality and style. It’s part of what defines our message and identity, and should be complementary across departments. Similarly, tone is our attitude toward our audience, and is conveyed through our choice of vocabulary. When communicating with others about La Sierra University, we should keep our brand, mission, and characteristics in mind. When our voice and tone are consistent, it doesn’t matter who is writing—our community traits will come across strongly to the reader. To support the “Change your world” brand messaging, the following words and ideas can be worked into your writing when natural or necessary.


La Sierra University is both accepting of and eager to promote all aspects of learning and growth, academically and spiritually. We are open for service, discovery, dialogue, and faith.

From diversity to inclusion

La Sierra University is nationally recognized for being one of the most diverse campuses in California, with students from more than 40 countries. This vibrant community is part of our SLO to help students from all walks of life develop global perspectives, appreciation for multifaceted societies, and the ability to value and function effectively within these societies.

Creating value

What is it to create value? We believe it is the combined efforts of all those on campus to bring out the best using creativity, ingenuity, and passion. At La Sierra University, innovation, integrity, and compassion for others combine to create favorable outcomes for both students/alumni and the communities they serve.


The La Sierra University aim begins with “to seek.” We strive to always seek out truth and authenticity, not only in our classrooms, but in our relationships with each other and in our walk with God.


The La Sierra brand slogan “Change Your World” conveys our investment in and commitment to student success. No matter someone’s background, they have the opportunity to design and change their own futures, as well as the lives of others across local and global communities. We strive to enable each student to change the world around them for the better. 


In addition to providing life-changing opportunities and recognizable value, a La Sierra University education is spiritually transformative. Students can put their faith into action through worship, service, missions, and more. The university's resolute and steadfast objectives seek to make the idea of a life devoted to God an irresistible option.

Connecting with your audience

Knowing how to address students, alumni, or prospective students is important. When writing something that represents the university, we must be both professional and conversational. Formal language isn’t just for official documents—it can still be used in an approachable and engaging way. We recommend constructing shorter sentences, using common words, writing in an active voice, and most importantly, utilizing first and second person (i.e. we, you.) Don’t shy away from using similes or metaphors, examples, or asking questions of your readers. Remember to think of your target audience when writing, and always read your words aloud to yourself to experience their impact firsthand (and to help yourself catch typos)!